CRM CSV Bulk Upload

CRM (Contact Relationship Management) allow bulk uploading and updaing of contacts through CSV

CSV Contact Bulk Upload

*Important* your contacts are uniquely identified in their account with their phone number. What this means is you cannot have duplicates of the same number. We format all phone numbers the same way when saving for you automatically. For example, if you save 1-555-123-4567 we will store it as +15551234567. This is known as e.164 format.

CSV Upload allows updating contacts and adding/removing contacts from groups

You can download a sample CSV in your CSV upload area, it will have a format like this for the CSV header row


You will notice that the last two rows begin with crm/group/ and then have a name after that

The `crm/group/` tells austio this is a group column and the text after is the unique_identifier of that group (which is automatically generated for you)

So in the above CSV, you have first_group and second_group as groups you will be adding/removing from

CSV Upload Rules

  • For each contact in your list, search for an existing contact with the same phone number
  • If a contact is found, update it with the new values for names
  • If a contact is not found, create a new contact
  • Now we get to groups, for each column that starts with crm/group/ look up the group by the unique_identifier
  • If the value you added for the csv is true, add them to the group
  • If the value you added for the csv is false, remove them to the group
  • If the value is empty, do nothing