Bullhorn SMS Message Statuses

Bullhorn SMS Message Statuses

As SMS is scheduled and delivered we update the status as it flows through the mobile carriers like Verizon, AT&T, TMobile etc

We really have 4 actors here that have to work in sync to deliver SMS

  • Contacts - Contacts in our System have Cell Phones that will receive SMS Messages
  • Austio - Our system. When a message is created in Austio it exists in our chat area but it may not be delivered to the Contact's Cell Phone
  • SMS Provider - The system that we send SMS Messages to, who then forwards to the Network Carriers
  • Network Carriers - Verizon, TMobile, AT&T, these are the companies your contacts pay who actually get the SMS to the Contact's mobile device

Status Updates

Messages will be updated in real time as the status updates, the below is the normal flow

  • Sending - Austio delivered the message to our SMS Provider but we have not received notice on it's delivered state. It is possible for this to have actually been received by the user but we haven't received notice of the delivery.
  • Sent - Our SMS Provider has sent it to the Contact's Network Carrier. This normally means delivery will soon occur.
  • Delivered - The Network Carrier delivered the SMS to the Contact's Mobile Device.
  • Failed - The message failed to send. This can happen for various reasons including queue overflows, Account suspensions and media errors.
  • Undeliverable - We received a delivery receipt indicating that the message was not delivered. This can happen for many reasons including carrier content filtering and the availability of the destination handset.

Scheduled SMS

Scheduled SMS does not have an extra status because it is not sent through the mobile carriers yet. You can cancel them by destroying them in both the Chat Area and the SMS Campaign Area.

Group SMS

Group SMS do not have a single status because we send individual messages to each person in the group. The status for each group members SMS message will be updated.