Bullhorn SMS Sending

Bullhorn SMS Sending

With Austio, you can send and automate texts to CRM Contacts and Groups

When selecting a contact in our Chat Area.

You can send or schedule SMS messages to CRM Contacts or CRM Groups

Send Vs Schedule

Sending SMS

This is the default and will immediately send our your SMS, the SMS should be delivered to the target in a few seconds.

As messages are sent and delivered to end users we update the status. Checkout the Bullhorn SMS Message Statuses Docs to understand the flow.

Scheduling SMS

With this options we set the SMS as being ready to be sent at the time you specify. We will send this out at the time you specisy.

If you need to change the message before it has been sent, click "Destroy" and create a new one.

Advanced Editing

SMS supports adding the following special texts {{ full_name }} {{ first_name }} and {{ last_name }}

This is most useful when sending messages to groups so that text messages appear individualized

We add some helpers buttons when texting Groups so that you can easily add them through clicks

In the above example, when you hit send, each person in that group will get a personalized text. Phil is a member of the group example above and will receive the text below