Bullhorn Concepts

Streamlined SMS (text messaging) is another core features of Austio.


SMS is a proven and time tested way to engage with your community.

It can be used to remind people about events, gather feedback or drum up support for a group of people to do something (like add support for a legislative bill).

SMS with Contacts or Groups

You SMS contacts and groups in our Chat Area.

You can SMS with CRM Contacts and CRM Groups.

CRM Contacts Contacts receive individual SMS messages to you. We respect messages like STOP to end communication with your org.
CRM Groups Messages to a CRM Group will send an individual message to each person that is part of that groups. Think of it like a broadcast. You will be able to see that a message was sent to a CRM Contact in their individual chat and that it was sent via a CRM Group message

Opt Outs

We support special messages from user of STOP and START. STOP will cause us to no longer send them messages, they can restart by stating START. The text thread looks like this.

You will get an email if you are the owner about someone opting out or back in.

Chat Settings

You can and should configure a first SMS that goes out to each contact. This will help them understand what is going on and where the SMS message cam from.

Example - Texting a Group from user Max

When you visit the Chat Area and send a message a group. It will show in the Group groups view.

This is a message sent by an imaginary user "Max" to the CRM Group "VFW"

Each contact in the group will get a text with the message.

These are individual messages to the users cell phone, so you know they will at least get the message.

When contacts respond. They will show up at the top of your list so that you can respond to them.