What's New

New updates and improvements to Austio

CRM Events

Today we released the basic functionality to create events in our system  This is a building block that we will use to enable many other features to manage and communicate around an event.

Bullhorn SMS on New Contact Creation

We now have the ability to send a welcome SMS text to new contacts as they are created.  

This will allow you to send helpful information to new contacts as they are added into your system.

Search CRM Contacts

We release a feature where we can now search CRM Contacts on the /crm/contacts page!

Custom Field Display in CRM::Contacts

We now display the first 3 custom fields (by the order you select) on the CRM Contacts page along side phone and email.

Notifications on SMS Messages

We added the ability for the owner of an organization to receive an email whenever someone responds to an SMS message that was sent in their organization.

This feature will make it easier for organizers to get visibility into their activity!

Custom Fields and Group Custom Field Features

We are excited to annount two new exciting features: Custom Fields and Custom Group Filters based on those Fields

1. Custom Field Checkboxes

Custom Fields allow account admin to create fields that will be associated with CRM Contacts.  Then in the edit view of CRM Contacts you can set a value for the Custom Field.

For instance, create a Custom Field called "is_awesome" and then you can set a CRM Contact as being "is_awesome".

2. Custom Group Filters

Custom Field Checkboxes don't do a whole lot on their own, but when we integrate them with our other features they become much more powerful.

When you create a Custom Field Checkbox we automatically create a CRM Group for you that will show all members in your org that have been selected as "is_awesome".  Furthermore, you will be able to message all of those members in the Bullhorn SMS Feature in the same way you have been able to message previous CRM Groups!

To continue the example above, when you create the "is_awesome" Checkbox, you will get a CRM Group that includes anyone that you select as "is_awesome" and  you will be able to message them in the Chat area as a group.

We limited this feature to Checkboxes initially so that we could get feedback, let us know what you think :)

Improved Chat Sidebar

Updates the Chat Sidebar to support better real time communication
 - Sorts results by default by the last contact/group message
 - Surface new messages to the top of the list when they come in

Better Chat Indicators

Add more specificity for the chat sidebar when a message is received
  • When They Responses - "They Responded"
  • For Broadcast - "We (Name of org member) Broadcasted"
  • For Direct Channel Sends - "We (Name of org member) Sent"

Mail Merge Text Messages

Added the ability to reference the keywords 'first_name', 'last_name' and 'full_name' in group and individual text messages. 

Messages sent to groups will update the keyword per recipient.
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